IntARnet: Tartanhacks 2021

final demo video





Hopin page

Tartanhacks Day 1

Hacking begins — Brainstorming

Screenshot of ‘Kind Words’ game from Steam
Stairwell in Wean Hall that always confuses me
Source:, RE: Prof. Hong’s Lecture
Retro style moodboard
Our (really jank) wireframe sketches
Skeuomorphic buttons
Final Screen sketches

Tartanhacks Day Two

Twitch logo (left) and the button I made (right)
New “T” icon for adding text — unpressed (left) and pressed (right)
Default cube in Maya
Sticker icon — unpressed (left) and pressed (right)
Sticker, Drawing, and Text add page

Logo Design

My first logo design for IntARnet
Pixel block font I found on
Initial logo design I made based on pixel block font
Logo with wave effect
Final logo design
Notes from our braindump from Google docs

Slidedeck Design

Very flat and uninteresting slides I started off with in Google Slides
Some slides from first iteration (didn’t make it in final presentation)
Screenshots from app launch

Tartanhacks Day Three

Use case slides gifs

Presentation Expo

Playing with Snap Lens filters pre-presentations
  • Ron bringing in the Microsoft judges to watch us despite us not entering for that category from failing to get Azure to work
  • Getting feedback from leaders in the VR space those at Facebook Reality Labs themselves —thank you so much Zitong and Lifei!
  • Realizing that we should’ve cycled our presentation roles and learned each others parts so we were able to take breaks in between
  • Using our feedback to edit our presentation and live iterate on it — many judges brought up the concern for content overloading an area or managing of content so we decided to edit our “next steps slide” to include that later on
  • Figma’s failure to allow for embedding videos… and Hopin’s failture to let me share sound and switch tabs leading to me making awkward screenshare pauses and Ryan having to supplement the silence with small talk

Closing Ceremony

Statistics on hackers at Tartanhacks


Our Project

Other Cool Projects we loved from Tartanhacks

  • TPTracker — Ever take a dump and go “Oh SHIT! I’m out of toilet paper!”? Well, never again. Our project will upgrade CMU’s hygiene, happiness, and efficiency by notifying custodial staff when toilet paper is low.
  • Healthy Habits — An application that encourages you to workout!

Special Shoutouts

  • All the Tartanhacks judges — for taking the time to listen to our project presentation and giving us all the valuable feedback! 📝
  • Mitchell — for once again being the best teammate I could ever ask for, and giving me so many great references for retro art to feed my mind with 🧠
  • Ryan — for finding us Ron, and for all your perseverance in Azure throughout the weekend 💪
  • Ron — for being such a great mentor and supporting us every step of our journey 👣
  • Professor Caspar — for providing the mentorship and support and believing in our team 🙏
  • My roommate Annie — for once again dealing with me as a mess pulling another all nighter 💖
  • You — for making it through my long chronicle of our experience! 🥳




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Nancy Zuo

Nancy Zuo

Hello 👋, I’m Nancy! Currently an Instructional Design Intern @ State Farm, Content @ Design Buddies, HCI @ CMU.