Catiator: Treehacks 2021

final demo video


Online Format

Ohyay demo

Team Formation

Kickoff event — lots of emojis!
Treehacks team formation website
Picture of the original Table 1 from team formation
  • Us joking about letting others “take a seat” by moving into the “parking lot” slots on the top with overflowed people who don’t get to “sit in a chair”
  • Making fun of how some of the requests for team members resembled job role descriptions
  • Spamming the applause emoji whenever someone new joined our room and adding them to our #table1 slack channel



Treehacks events schedule

Our Team

Safely transporting the Oculus Quest back to my apartment

Treehacks Day One

Treehacks Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Max Levchin fireside chat

Hacking Begins — Brainstorming

Jamboard “prototype” for our first game display idea
Additional prototype to solve for view blockage
Type Boo from Fantage
Our cat and gladiator coliseum mood boards


Treehacks Day Two

iD Tech Camps Unity C# + Oculus Quest 2 course
Catiator logo I made for memes and color palette
ASL alphabet diagram
M and N are undiffentiable in the finger tracking capabilities
Frightened Catiator expression 3D model + UV Map


a e s t h e t i c in-game screenshots
Catiator Pitch Video by Mitchell Kuppersmith

Treehacks Day Three

Presentation Day room!
#hackerhighlights — Catiator on Demo Day


Screenshot from our one of our screen-shared presentations

Closing Ceremony


Our Project

Other Cool Projects I Really Liked at Treehacks

Special Shoutouts

  • Treehacks team — for such a well-organized event
  • Mitchell — for dealing with my lack of Unity understanding and being so patient with my Oculus not connecting to Unity
  • Ryan — for all the wholesome cat content, Maya mentorship, and for always making us all laugh
  • Jieying — for creating aesthetic buttons and more Catiator fanart to add to our collection
  • Khoi — for opening the door to VR for me at Stanford Splash 2016
  • Charles — for saving me with the message in the iD Tech Slack channel
  • Joey — for believing in our team
  • My Mom — for shipping over my gaming PC from California a couple weeks back when I said I needed it to run Maya and play with VR
  • Professor Caspar — for letting me borrow the Oculus Quest 2 and going through the hoops to get it to me through CMU despite not being on campus
  • My Roommate Annie — for dealing with me not sleeping for a day and talking the whole night, and for forgiving all the dishes I kept delaying washing
  • iD Tech Camps — for providing me with the resources through prepared curriculum to help with my Unity debugging process
  • You — for making it so far in my article, thank you so much for reading such a long reflection!




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Nancy Zuo

Nancy Zuo

Hello 👋, I’m Nancy! Currently an Instructional Design Intern @ State Farm, Content @ Design Buddies, HCI @ CMU.